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Logan the latest movie in the X-Men Universe is a story of growing old, loneliness, frailty, family and new beginnings, which is wrapped up in a road trip, action packed, blood soaked, superhero film.  Before you decide that this film is might not be for you because it sounds like “On Golden Pond” for superheroes, be warned…this movie… is a master piece! If ever an academy award were to go to a superhero genre film, I believe this would be the one. Many people rank the Dark Knight as the ultimate hero movie, but Logan will be competing for that title pretty soon.

The story takes place in the distant future, 2029 to be exact, and our favorite hero in the X-Men Universe, Wolverine aka Logan is older, a shadow of his former self, and sickly. He makes ends meet as a limo driver, and he spends his off time taking care of the frail and demented Professor X, aka Charles Xavier.  They live in squalid conditions, the reason being I will not reveal, but they eventually come across a young girl with a gift, and Logan reluctantly takes on the mission to get her safely to a destination up north.

For those who have followed the adventures of the X-Men movies in all their various forms over the past 17 years, this will be an emotional journey that will show how our heroes have grown…old, and are not quite living the dream we imagined they would especially at the end of X-Men: Days of Futures Past. Logan is touching, sentimental, but also a brutal film that shows the realities of what a man with adamantium claws can really do to the human body.  Marvel has taken the Dead Pool route with this film, so it is very bloody, gory and rated R.  Do not take children to see this film! Fans and non-fans alike should like this film. When it ended, Roshawn, my buddy Devon and I just let out a collective “Wow”.  They used Johnny Cash’s song “Hurt” for the trailer of this film, and it is entirely appropriate for this movie. If you haven’t seen the film yet, play that song, and you will understand what this film will be about.

Grade: A+

Devon: A

Roshawn: A



  1. I couldn’t agree more. It was an amazing movie. It had heart, brains, and guts. Sometimes these also ended up on the floor after a double barrage of adamantium laced fisticuffs. Nice review. Dont take your babies.

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