The Shack Movie Review

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The Shack is a movie based on the best seller novel of the same name that came out a few years ago written by Paul Young.  The story follows a man named Mack, who experiences a spiritual crisis when he is faced with a traumatic event at a shack that changes his view and relationship with God. When Mack was young, he had a strong relationship with God, but over the years, his relationship with God had frayed and, breaks completely during the tragedy. After the tragic event, Mack has nothing, but anger and resentment towards God for his predicament.  One day he receives a letter in the mail, while dealing with his sorrow, and is invited to return to the shack where his pain and suffering seemingly began.  With trepidation, anger and sadness, Mack undertakes the journey to visit the shack and face the emotional, mental and spiritual wounds that he brought with him.  Although he expected to take the journey on his own, he has three visitors at the shack that help him on his journey to spiritual redemption.

For those of you who have not read the book, or seen the film, I am attempting to keep some of the mystery of it for you.  This is a Christian film, based on a Christian book, however, it is not without controversy.  Many people have accepted the film as an example of Christian beliefs, while others have viewed it as a book and film that undercuts the core values of Christianity. Either way, The Shack is a film that is good for people to see who want to determine how to deal with tragedy and loss. It is a tear jerker, and it is a film dealing with pain. The Shack will definitely create discussions at the water cooler, and will have people questioning the Shack’s take on Christianity compared with their own.  We attended the film with members of our Marriage Matters Ministry, and after the movie, folks were already sharing their views, debating and saying it was an excellent film.  The Shack is a good movie, that will be enlightening for all who see it, regardless of your views.


Grade: B+


Rahesha: A



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