Sleight Movie Review

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I am not sure where this film came from, but I just saw a brief preview of it on television a few days ago and it looked pretty interesting.  What I thought based on the commercial that this was a story about a young black male superhero, who was trying to make his neighborhood a safer place.  However, this movie is far different than what I imagined!

The story centers on Bo, a street magician by day, and a reluctant drug dealer by night.  With the death of his mother, he has the sole responsibility of trying to raise his younger sister, who looks to be in 6th or 7th grade.  He doesn’t enjoy selling drugs, but it is a means to an end for him, so he can hopefully get his sister to a better neighborhood. What makes Bo so interesting, is that he is not your usual street magician. Bo had a scholarship offer to attend college for electrical engineering, but he had to turn it down. He then uses his knowledge of science to help him create some spectacular street level magic tricks in the vein of David Blaine.  His night time job as a drug dealer leads to a situation that forces him to use his science enhanced magic to save not only his life, but his sisters.

This film although very unique with the scientific magic twist is pretty much by the book regarding a young drug dealer trying to go straight. They really tease you with Bo’s potential powers, since he is just starting out, but the potential for a great story is there.  Although it is rather clichéd, I still found myself enjoying the characters and I actually wanted to see more. It is blatantly clear that this movie is just a set up for a possible sequel, but I am afraid that it won’t get the box office returns they need to justify a sequel. Out the gate, I am suspecting the powers that be either don’t want the film to be successful, or they considered it to be a potential dud.  When I went to the Regal near my home, they told me they weren’t carrying it, so I had to go across town to see it in a more…hmmm…urban environment (SMH.) 

I enjoyed Sleight, but it is definitely not blockbuster material, but a good movie nevertheless. Oh yea this film is also rated R, which caught be by surprise, but there is no sex, just language, and a few violent scenes.  You will see worse violence in Game of Thrones or Walking Dead. 

Grade: B


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