Wonder Woman Movie Review

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Although Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince graced our screens in Batman vs. Superman last year, and wowed the audience with her power and finesse, Wonder Woman the movie is her origin story that tells her Greek mythos inspired story of her rise as a young Amazon Princess on the island of Themiscyra.  Diana knows nothing of the world beyond her hidden island, nor of her full potential power until she comes across a pilot named Steve Trevor who crash landed in the ocean while fleeing from World War I era Germans. After a rousing battle, which pitches fierce Amazon warriors vs. the Germans, Diana is convinced that she must leave her safe haven and save the world, which is embroiled in the World War I conflict. Despite her enthusiasm, Wonder Woman soon realizes that there is much to learn about the world of man and the role that women play in it.

Wonder Woman is a very good movie that successfully brings a superheroine to the big screen.  The story encompasses a number of themes, from overprotective parents, childish ambition and arrogance, to the reality of war, woman’s suffrage and the danger of weapons of mass destruction. All of these themes blend well together and make for an enjoyable, but touching romp, as we see Wonder Woman’s youthful innocence and positive outlook on mankind get changed by the brutality, selfishness and horror that man has foisted upon the world.

Not only is the story good, but Wonder Woman kicks some serious butt in the film, and if you questioned how powerful she was after seeing her in action in Batman vs. Superman, you gain a full understanding in Wonder Woman of where her power and abilities come from. The director must have also heard me complain about the other DC movies being too dark because the lighting in the movie was perfect!  I think Wonder Woman is a winner.

Grade: B+


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