The Dark Tower Movie Review

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dark tower

I read the Dark Tower novels by Steven King years ago on a recommendation from a friend, and I found the series to be hit and miss depending on which novel I was reading. The interesting thing I did learn however, was that all of the books that Steven King has written share the same universe and sometimes characters from one series of books cross over into another. Readers of the books, and followers of the Steven King Universe know that the Dark Tower is at the center of it all, and holds the threads of reality and the cosmos together.  For years, people have talked about making a Dark Tower movie, but the task just proved to be too daunting due to the complexity and vastness of the Dark Tower world that King created.

Although I applaud the creators and directors of the Dark Tower movie, for finding a way to bring this film to the big screen, they could not and did not create a movie that could truly capture the core of what the Dark Tower books represented.  The only way this could be done and keep some faith with the books, is to turn it over to a premium cable network and create a series like Game of Thrones.

This movie is a mish mash of story bits and concepts from the books and put into a two hour movie that gives a skeletal overview of the books, while leaving out some of the major and interesting ideas that made the Dark Tower such a great series (except for the final book!).  The movie follows a young teen named Jake who is having dreams of a Dark Tower that is under assault by “The Man in Black” aka Walter, who if you read Steven King’s The Stand is also known as Randall Flagg.  The Man in Black uses kids with psychic powers to attack the Dark Tower.  When the tower collapse, then the universe will end and it will unleash hell upon the various realities.  In pursuit of The Man in Black is Roland Deschain, a Gunslinger who wants revenge for the destruction of his world and the death of his father. Jake soon discovers, that his dreams are reality, and that The Man in Black is pursuing him because of his strong psychic powers, which he wants to use to destroy the tower. Jake hooks up with Roland and they fight the Man in Black and save the tower. End of story, but this story was so short and left out so much good stuff that the film is a shadow of what it could have been.

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of the movie, and although some of the gun fighting scenes were cool, it was not enough to give life to this bare bones film.

Grade: D


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