Justice League Movie Review

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The people of Earth as a whole are deeply depressed at the death of Superman, which took place in the movie Batman vs. Superman. An alien being named Steppenwolf, uses that as an opportunity to reinvade Earth after a millennia in exile, and claim his long forgotten relics that will help him conquer the planet. Batman, puts together the Super Friends….sorry they aren’t really friends yet, but a team of heroes, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman to come together and defeat Steppenwolf and his para-demons.

I didn’t expect Justice League to be a great movie, especially with last year’s release of the horrible Suicide Squad, and DC’s inconsistent bad and good slate of superhero films.  The best superhero movies that DC has released to this date has been Man of Steel and Wonder Woman.  So I was not surprised when I saw Justice League, and I left feeling underwhelmed and uninspired by the execution of the storyline and the characters.   After seeing Thor: Ragnarok it was hard to look at Justice League and say it was an awesome movie.  The characters were what I expected, except for Aquaman, whose take as a kind of drifter/surfer/jokester type guy, didn’t convince me that he was a King of Atlantis.  The villain and the story line were decent for a superhero movie, but I just did not like how it was all put together. The story line and how the hero’s met, just came across as old fashioned, cobbled together and formulaic, but not in the good Stranger Things nostalgia way.  There were many story threads that were in the movie that did not have to be there, and it just led to a mess to me.

Now that they have gotten the introductions out of the way, hopefully any future Justice League installments will have a tight story and plot, that will allow us to enjoy the original heroes of the comic book world!

Grade: C

Roshawn: C+, B-

Kameron: B+


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  1. Wabbit, you agree with the other critics. I loved Superman Man of Steel. I am one of the few who did not like Wonder Woman. I was not planning on seeing this movie.

    Congrats on your review. It was right on.




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