The Last Jedi

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Right off the bat I am going to say I enjoyed the Last Jedi, much more than I did the Force Awakens.  The film takes place soon after the ending of the Force Awakens, and the Resistance, led by General Leia Solo are on the run from the First Order.  After a selfish and costly decision by ace fighter pilot Cameron Poe, the Resistance is facing complete annihilation at the hands of the First Order, and the Resistance is scrambling to find a way to escape, while Rey, the newly awakened force user, is attempting to get Luke Skywalker to train her.  Finn and his new partner Rose, attempt to find a person who can help the Resistance fleet escape the clutches of the First Order and they go on an adventures that opens up the Star Wars Universe in a way it never has, by grounding it partially in the realm of reality and current day politics and man’s inhumanity to man.  Giving away anymore would ruin the story.

For those new to the Star Wars Universe, the Last Jedi will be amazing. It has a good story, some cool space battles and fight scenes, but for those who are immersed in the world of Star Wars, you will still get a sense of deja vu, regarding the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.  The Last Jedi does do a great job of blending the humor and seriousness of the story, and there are quite a few funny scenes, but nothing over the top, which was perfect.  There are a few flaws in a film and farfetched circumstances as well that nit pickers, will tear apart, but overall The Last Jedi is a nice addition to the Star Wars Universe.

Grade: B+

Roshawn: A

Kameron: A



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