Bright Movie Review

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Bright is a new Netflix movie starring Will Smith. The story line is pretty creative, although it seems familiar when you first see the trailers for it.  Imagine 2000 years after the Lord of the Rings and the world is still full of elves, humans and orcs in the modern era. The story takes place in the gritty heart of LA, as Darryl a human cop and Nick an orc deal with their mistrust for one another and racism against orcs, while stumbling upon a dark elf plot to revive the dark lord who attempted to conquer the Earth two millennia ago with magic.

When I saw the trailer for the film, I had no interest in watching it because it seemed like a comedic Alien Nation rip off.  This movie is far from that, it is filled with imagery and scenes that remind the viewer of the police brutality and racism that exists in the world, while also giving the watcher a strong feeling of Training Day and Rampart.  Also it has some funny lines, but it is not a comedy.  With a dreary and rainy day like today, Bright will be a good film to watch. There is plenty of action and a little magic in this cop movie set in what seems like the future of the Lord of the Rings.  I really would like to explore the world of Bright in more detail.

Grade: B+


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