Hiding in the Light Book Review

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Hiding in the Light is the story of Joseph Graham a young fair skinned African American male, who experiences the trials and tribulations of life as a young pre-teen growing up in a difficult area in Florida, while battling bullying and racism from not only whites, but primarily fellow blacks who down him for his light skin.  The story follows Joseph aka “Jay Gee” aka “Double Ooh” Graham as he lives his life hanging with his “crew” and pursing girls and basketball, while navigating the difficulties one experiences growing up poor in the South.  Joseph goes on a number of “hunts” with his friends attempting to get money so he can enjoy the trappings and life style of a young teen. Some of his adventures are honorable and some are not, but through his experiences with bullying, racism and society, he begins to grow and develop relationships with people that help guide him to a positive view on life. He eventually starts to learn to not pretend to be somebody he is not, and just be himself.

Hiding in the Light is an excellent tale that will be an impactful read for a young teen or adult.  The events that Joseph experiences are real and relatable to the reader.  The book gives a detailed look at what like was like for a young black male growing up in the South, who despite the negativity surrounding him, still finds a way to have fun, live life and persevere, especial as his alter ego James Bond.

Even if you haven’t grown up in such difficulty circumstances, you can learn a lot on how to deal with bullies, and even help others who are dealing with bullies and life in general just by following the lessons that Joseph has learned. A person can also learn that you don’t always have to wait for someone to give you money or a job.  All you have to do is use your mind and your imagination, and you can develop all types of ways to legally earn money. The main theme from Hiding in the Light is to be yourself, take pride in where you come from, learn from the mistakes of others and yourself, and use your gifts to better yourself and others. Now the book is not graphic, but it does contain some language, and teen level sexual tension, but nothing that you wouldn’t see in any other young adult book or on television.

Hiding in the Light is an excellent story, and it does what every good book should do, and that is leave the reader wanting to learn more about Joseph Graham and follow him on another series of adventures called his life!

Grade: A-


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