Ranking Star Wars Movies from my least to favorite!

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the star wars

9. Attack of the Clones– Overall, there was not much I liked about Attack of the Clones except the large scale battles towards the end, and the love story angle was just awful to me. I am not sure if it was the acting or script which doomed this film for me. This movie had by far had the best trailer though that created the most excitement for me.

8. Phantom Menace– I loved and hated this movie all at the same time. I loved Darth Maul, and the epic light saber duel with Qui Gon and Obi Wan, which is still the best light saber duel in all of Star Wars movie lore, but Jar Jar Binks and the midi-chlorians really stole a lot of my joy. By the way, new information revealing that Jar Jar Binks was actually a Sith Lord, sheds a new perspective on the film that would have made it even more intriguing if they would have followed this avenue.

7. Force Awakens– Yes we had a brand new Star Wars movie for the first time in years, starting George Lucas’s mythically final trilogy of films. I loved the idea and the concept, but the story felt like a re-tread of Star Wars, but it was fun.

6. The Last Jedi– The interesting continuation of the new trilogy of Star Wars films and sequel to Force Awakens. I liked this movie story and action wise better than Force Awakens, but it has some serious issues with the flow of time and some jarring poor decision making by our heroes!

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5. Rogue One– I loved this movie, with its flaw! How did the Rebels get the plans to the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope- Episode 4? This entire movie explains how that was done! Plus you get to meet younger versions of Governor Tarkin, Leia and of course Darth Vader, who has one of the most intense scenes in all of his Star Wars appearances! Although the movie had some slow starts, it merged the prequels and originals in a way only true Star Wars fans of the official Star Wars mediums would know!

4. Revenge of the Sith– Really, how could I rank this one so high, as corny as it was? Sure if you watch the first thirty minutes of Revenge of the Sith you are rolling your eyes at some of the dialogue and antics of our characters, but slowly it spirals into a dark and foreboding place, that leads us to the betrayal, annihilation and death of our beloved Jedi Order!

3. Return of the Jedi– Out of all of the Star Wars movies, I have probably watched the Battle of Endor scene in space more than any other segment than any movie I have seen period! This was the pen-ultimate space battle scene at that point in movie and television history! Not only did it have the best space battle scene out of the original trilogy, but it also had the most emotionally moving and powerful light saber fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader!

2. Star Wars– Later called Star Wars: A New Hope, this movie set the trend for all others! I saw this movie seven times in the movie theater, and my entire young childhood and adult life was impacted by this movie. This is the granddaddy of them all that told us about that story a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away! Han Solo stole the show as the rakish and cool Corellian Space Pirate who shot Greedo first!


1. Empire Strikes Back– I can admit as a kid, I did not like this film. It had all the cool action in the beginning and became a story of character, redemption and sacrifice towards the end. However, when Vader said, “Luke…I AM Your FATHER!” I could feel Luke’s pain and horror in his howl! As I grew older, I began to appreciate and love this movie as my favorite of them all. I could I not love Vader stalking and toying with Luke his son throughout the bowls of the wonderful Cloud City of Bespin?



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