18 Ways God Wins in 2018: Book Review

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God Wins

Dr. Sieta Achampong has written an inspirational and biblically grounded book that serves as a guide and autobiography on how to win in 2018 and beyond by following Godly principles that she wraps around revealing and stunning personal truths and testimonies that make up her life. She takes off her mask and shows the pain and suffering she has experienced, which is the foundation for her stubborn and determined drive to achieve her goals, success and dreams by investing in God’s word and principles. Dr. Achampong provides and shows 18 Ways God Wins in 2018, and each principle is supported with biblical scripture.
This book will provide you with tools, comfort and inspiration as you learn that you are not alone, God is with you in all you do. All you have to do is call on him and trust him.
Dr. Achampong’s book is impactful and definitely a must read! It flows with real life situations that people from all walks of life can relate to. Enrich your life and read 18 Ways God Wins in 2018!
Grade: A

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