Pacific Rim: Uprising

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Pacific Rim Uprising 1

The original Pacific Rim, as beautiful as it was with its colorful giant robots called “Jaegers” and awesome monsters called “Kaiju” was still just a B-level matinee film, with its weak poor character development and mismatched comedy and drama.  However the fighting scenes were epic, which made the original a fun favorite for me in my Godzilla style monster movie genre category.  Pacific Rim: Uprising, the follow up to the original, unfortunately follows the same pattern as the original and is just as lackluster with the characters.  Although the director made an effort for us to embrace the characters with backstory and a focus on their lives, the acting itself just didn’t make it all that interesting and the characters were forgettable. Of course people don’t want to see Pacific Rim for the character development, the want to see robot and monster mayhem, and here Pacific Rim: Uprising doesn’t disappoint!  The fight scenes between the new Jaegers and Kaiju were outstanding, and they increase the action scenes and execution remarkably well, which for a fan of robots vs. monsters would make the film worth seeing.  Now this movie is much better than your typical Godzilla monster mash that you would see during a television marathon, and visually it is way better than the last few Transformers movies and its definitely better than the last Power Rangers film, but I was still disappointed in the film overall.  The reason being, is that the first one really didn’t make enough money to make a sequel because it wasn’t all that great, so I just expected that they would take the time to make a really good movie this time, but they didn’t.  However, the original was very popular in China, so they got a lot of investment from China, but they didn’t do a good job putting good dialogue and characters in the script.  If you are a fan of the Pacific Rim franchise or not, save your money and check it out on Netflix or cable.

Grade: D+


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