Ready Player One Movie Review

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Ready Player One is a futuristic tale where the United States is over populated, and citizens resort to stacking double wide trailers on top of one another in steel structures called “The Stacks” to give people room to live. Since the world is so cluttered, people live their lives in “The Oasis” an online virtual game that allows anyone to be who they want to be and do want they want to do within limits. Just like today’s realistic gamer community, playing online games costs money, and if a player is not careful, can end up in debt, and if they are killed online, they lose all of the money and artifacts they may have accumulated over the years.  The creator of the Oasis dies, but he leaves behind an Easter egg hunt that will allow the winner to inherit the wealth and power of the company that orchestrates the virtual gaming world.  Enter Wade, aka gamer tag (Parzival), a young 20 something who is hunting for the special keys that will grant the winner the dream of wealth and prestige.  While searching for the illusive keys with his clan he fights off an evil rival company that is attempting to gain the keys to the Oasis for themselves, and they do anything they can in the virtual and real world to accomplish their goal.

Ready Player One is one of the most creative CGI/Real world movies I have seen in a long time. For gamers, movie buffs, anime junkies, and pop culture and musical enthusiast this movie is a treasure trove of nostalgia.  There are references and visuals from just about every cool video game, movie, anime, sci-fi show and song that you can think of.  Rarely do I see a movie in 3D, but Ready Player One is one of those movies that you should.  There are so many Easter eggs and sneak peaks of cool characters that you will probably have to see it a second time to catch it all.  The story in the real world is fairly straight forward, but fortunately they don’t spend much time there, it’s the virtual world that is so cool.  For those of you who are gamers and video game junkies, you can see how close we are to a world like this.  I don’t know if it is good or bad, but it was amazing to see.  Despite all the eye candy Ready Player One threw at me, I still wasn’t giddy with excitement and craving to go see it again.  Some of you will love this film, others will not.  I say it is a good film, if you are into the world of animation, video games, sci-fi and fun adventure.  Ready Player One is just….Cool, in that Scott Pilgrim kind of way!

Grade: B+


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