A Quiet Place

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Had a date with the wife tonight and saw A Quiet Place, a tense, horror thriller where a family has to practice almost absolute silence to protect themselves from an unknown but dangerous threat that is attracted to sound. A Quiet goes old school and uses sound and visuals to convey terror to the audience. There is very little blood in the movie by today’s standards, but this film provided chills and scares, that had me jumping and squeezing my eyes shut on occasion.  Since sound is the enemy in this film, the filmmaker does a good job of creating a virtually silent world, devoid of any human talking or noise. The only sounds you really hear, are the sounds of nature, and the rustling of leaves and branches as the human family make their way around their farm and local wilderness to live and survive.  Since the world is so quiet, sudden noises can and will scare the mess out of you.  If you can get past the intense level of silence, and sign language, especially in the first twenty to thirty minutes of the film, then you will be in for a good old fashioned scare. All I can say is that the people in A Quiet Place would party hard if their world was filled with Walking Dead Zombies rather than what they have to deal with!

Grade: B+

Rahesha: B+


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