Dead Pool 2 Review

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Dead Pool 2 is a blood soaked, profanity driven, pun filled, action tale full of gore and rib rupturing humor as Wade Wilson once again dons his red spandex, and goes on a revenge spree for a tragedy that strikes close to home.  While on this mission of mayhem, he has an opportunity develop a new super hero team, solidify friendships and become a defender of the weak, as he searches for retribution.  Dead Pool 2 is so funny, I spent much of the movie doubled over with laughter while squeezing my eyes shut during some of the more gruesome kill moves that Dead Pool delivered or received during the film.  I thought the original Dead Pool was awesome, but Dead Pool 2 is out of sight! If you are a fan of Dead Pool and the X-Men movies, then you will see a lot of funny scenes and references throughout the film and especially the end credits!  Fans and geeks will go crazy at all of the Easter egg references that are in this film.  My favorite scene in the movie is when Dead Pool’s new team, the X-Force goes into battle, boy that was hilarious. Make sure you stay for the credits, I believe there are three end credits that make some adjustments to previous X-Men and Ryan Reynolds movies! LMBO!

Dead Pool 2 is a worthy successor to the original that truly earns its hard R rating. This film is not for the squeamish or kids!

Grade: A

Kameron: A



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