Solo: A Star Wars Story

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When you strip away all the layers and space trappings, Solo: A Star Wars Story is a heist film, nothing more and nothing less. There is no Force, no Jedi or Sith Lords battling for galactic dominion with cool light sabers, and no mystical powers. Solo is just a simple Star Wars film that shows us the dark underbelly of the Star Wars Universe that Han Solo grew up in. It’s gritty, dangerous but full of charm and colorful characters, such as Beckett, Lando, Chewbacca and L3. Solo starts when Han is about 18 years old, and it progresses to a point where he is 22 or 23, still a good ten years from my reckoning before the original Star Wars and the swashbuckling Han Solo we know and love. Young Solo is just as witty and rakish as the older Han, but he is still a little naive and too trusting. He has old and new friends that will eventually give us the Solo that is fun but has that dangerous edge to him. The story itself was average to me, its definitely no Baby Driver, but the world of Star Wars, the name drops, and surprise character makes it worthwhile and continues to expand the Cinematic Star Wars Universe. Solo won’t make the money of the Force Awakens, Rogue One or the Last Jedi, but it is an enjoyable little romp. Interestingly enough, with ten years between this and Star Wars a New Hope, there is room for a sequel!
Grade C+

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  1. I totally love this film. It was set before the force was known to Hans. It used great space shots. The story line was intriguing, and there was plenty of action and suspense. Also the directing was great. There were moments of weak plot development, but over all I loved the movie. My grade is A+.


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