The Incredibles 2

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14 years after the Incredibles flew onto our screens with jaw dropping special effects, and a James Bond like story line, our favorite family of heroes return in Incredibles II, taking up literally seconds after the first film ended. The first film ended with the Underminer popping into the sunlight and threatening the citizens of the city, while the Parr family (The Incredibles) put on their costumes to meet him in battle. As the curtains rise in the sequel, the Incredibles defeat the Underminer, but in the process cause tremendous amounts of damage to the city, which the officials point out is the reason superheroes are banned.  The Incredibles are arrested, but are soon released to continue their rather bland life, and are on the verge of homelessness until a wealthy media tycoon decides to work to get the law banning superheroes changed.  In order to do that, he hires Elasti-Girl (Mrs. Parr) to fight crime, to increase the positive image of heroes in the community and around the world. Unfortunately, there is a new villain afoot who is trying to thwart the efforts to legalize superheroes, and Elasti-Girl has her hands full trying to solve the mystery of this new powerful supervillain.  While the Parr family deals with Mrs. Parr’s return to crime fighting, the envious Mr. Parr aka Mr. Incredible must deal with the reality of trying to raise his family, without his wife’s help, while dealing with the fact that all of his kids are super-powered and have minds of their own.  Although this sounds like a super serious film, it is far from it and is filled with laughs and hi-jinks that makes this film equal to the original.  Each character is given their time to shine, and the film explores the importance of family, and the difficulty parents face when a spouse works and the other stays at home.  Frozone, a fan favorite who didn’t get enough screen time in the first film, makes a glorious and cool impact on the second film as he makes his presence felt consistently throughout the movie.

The developers continue to do an amazing job creating the retro-futuristic world of the Incredibles by combining 50s style design, with cutting edge technology that in some cases is far beyond what we have now in society.  Both films drip heavily with Bond décor nostalgia, and I love it! The Incredibles II is a great film, and I can’t wait to watch it back to back with the original! The Incredibles II is a must see, and it is really good if you see it with your family!

Grade: A

Rahesha: A+

Kameron: A

Roshawn: A


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