Ant Man & The Wasp Movie Review

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Ant Man & The Wasp is the latest offering in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that takes place a couple of weeks before the tragic events in Avengers: Infinity War and two years after Ant Man, aka Scott Lang helped Captain America battle his fellow Avengers in Captain America: Civil War.  After two years on house arrest, Lang is days from his release date, when his partner, who is on the run from the law, Hope Pym, aka Wasp asks for Lang’s help looking for her mother who is lost in the Quantum Realm.  Lang agrees, and the hijinks ensue as Ant Man tries to avoid the FBI, criminals and a new ghost like super villain as he tries to once again save the day.  Although Ant Man is a hero, he is not a typical one, and is prone to bumbling around and making mistakes that make his job much harder than it has to be.  Of course his mistakes are funny, which makes the Ant Man movies the comedy side of the MCU.  Ant Man & The Wasp really shines when it is focusing on the character interactions between Scott. his daughter, and his colleagues Hope, and her father Hank.  The tension and zingers between them are fun and are not taken too seriously.

Ant Man & Wasp follows its predecessor and continues to provide one liners, and comedic action scenes that set it apart from the more serious fare of the MCU. Despite its funny side, the movie fits squarely and relates directly to all the other movies of the MCU, and if you stick around for the two end credit scenes, you will get a glimpse of how it relates to the last Avengers movie.  Ant Man & Wasp is funny, but it doesn’t have the same creative flair that the first film had and some of the jokes seem rather forced.  Regardless, Ant Man & Wasp is solid, and continues to expand different aspects of the comic movie universe.

Grade: C+


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